I currently work at PNR, a boutique management consulting firm with a technology and digital focus, as an Engagement Manager - Technology.

I am a McGill B.Com. graduate where I specialized in Information Systems. I also hold a certificate in Computer Science from Laval University. Before joining PNR, I worked at Coveo as a Solution Specialist. I was responsible for implementing Coveo search engine solutions with clients in healthcare, software and consumer goods. I also worked as a freelance consultant where he helped teams in IT Selection and IT Project Recovery.

Outside of work, I spend time at the gym, playing hockey and listening to Japanese jazz. I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, building relationships and eating Mexican food. In my work, I focus on upskilling people with technology and helping teams move faster.

There are some drivers behind this emphasis:

  1. Importance of Knowledge and People as Tangible Assets move to Intangible Assets;
  2. Wage growth has been about twice as fast as the national average in the most digitized industries
  3. Exponential Forces leading to new ways of inventing and delivering innovation in the workplace

I can help in the following:

  • IT Implementation & Project Management
  • IT Strategy & Digital Transformation
  • Business Strategy & Business Analysis
  • Finance and M&A
  • Sales and B2B Marketing
  • Governance and Decision Making